29 Unforgettable Tech Super Bowl Ads

By Innevation Center 7 months ago
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As game day approaches, watch the best (and worst) Super Bowl tech ads ever aired, and get a preview of what Microsoft, Amazon, and more have in store for 2019.

For a select group of people, the Super Bowl is one of the most important days of the year: advertisers. The game is one of the most watched events of the year, pulling in monster audience numbers.

Many commercials are created specifically for the Super Bowl—even if most of them get released online ahead of the game these days—and companies spend a LOT of money to advertise. A 30-second ad for the last three big games cost an average of $5 million from 2016 to 2018 (on Fox, CBS, and NBC), after years of growth. This year, CBS has the broadcast and is reportedly charging $5.1 to $5.3 million for half-a-minute. The most expensive ad ever was Chrysler’s $12.4 million spot in 2011, featuring two minutes of Eminem driving around Detroit.

Some people tune in only to watch commercials rather than the game (especially when the teams playing are nowhere close to home, or they hate the Patriots). And every year, the big guns of the advertising world flex their creative muscle to make the most talked-about commercials, whether it’s hawking cars, beer, or chips.

Tech companies have contributed their fair share of ads for the Super Bowl, especially during the dot-com era. Although that first boom went bust, the tech ads haven’t stopped. Will they make memorable commercials this year? We’ll know on Feb. 3. Until then, take a look back at some of the most memorable technology-related ads from past Super Bowls.

Intel: Jeffrey the Robot

In an Intel lunch room, a super-excited person is explaining the newest Intel Core processors. He exclaims that they are the “greatest thing that we have ever made” as a white robot comes up to the table with his lunch. The robot listens intently and hears that “absolutely, nothing surpasses” the processors. Dejected, the robot drops his lunch tray and rolls away as a co-worker rushes to console Jeffrey the robot. Aww.

Best Buy’s Ozzy vs. Bieber

Back before Bieber was pulling burrito pranks, he went up against one of the original bad boy of rock, Ozzy “Prince of Darkness” Osbourne. Together, in 2011 they found out just how many Gs there are.

Volkswagen: The Force

Is this 2011 spot the greatest commercial in the history of the Super Bowl? With tens of millions of views, this day in the life of a young Sith Lord testing The Force is definitely way up on the viral scale. It’s not specifically about tech (unless you count remote car starters), but it’s a perfect look at childhood. It’s nostalgia personified.

Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos himself, took to the screen in 2018 to show what the plan is if the voice behind Amazon Echo devices is lost. It features the return of Anthony Hopkins to Super Bowl ads, plus Rebel Wilson in a bathtub.

Microsoft: We All Win (2019 Preview)

The Xbox Adaptive Controller gets an emotional push as kids with disabilities who know they can game as well as anyone else finally get the chance to prove it.

Amazon/Alexa: Not Everything Makes the Cut (2019 Preview)

Another star-studded 90 seconds shows off all the versions of Alexa we are NOT getting, like Echo toothbrush, Echo dog collar, and Echo hot tub. Forest Whitaker, the stars of Broad City, real-life space station astronauts, and Harrison Ford himself are all on hand. 

Checkout the rest of the videos in the full article, here.

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