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By Innevation Center 5 years ago
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Good morning, Innevators and #VegasTech community! We normally host our free CommunityCation luncheon on the last Thursday of every month, but we will not host one this week. Instead, we are pleased to announce a mega awesome speaker for our next luncheon on September 24…

Damien Patton, founder and CEO of Banjo!


Banjo makes sense of the noise generated by billions of real-time digital signals happening around the world every second. Banjo captures and analyzes all public social media posts and organizes them by time and location, giving companies an unprecedented level of understanding about humanity and the world around us. Global brands, financial organizations and media companies rely on Banjo to make better decisions, move faster and change the way they understand and interact with people all over the world.

Banjo is Damien’s fourth entrepreneurial venture. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, he also served in Desert Storm, worked as Chief Mechanic for a top NASCAR team and worked as a crime scene investigator while simultaneously working full-time as COO for a technology company.

Damien speaks frequently at conferences on subjects ranging from social, mobile and location-based technology to agile development and user privacy. His work around user privacy has led to Damien speaking to global leaders as well as filing a patent to protect a user’s data privacy. He served as a mentor for the Harvard Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley Immersion Experience Program (IXP).

Stay tuned for the details of his talk and, more importantly, where lunch will be from 🙂

This event has a high probability of selling out quickly, so you should probably RSVP now. Can’t wait to see you all!

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