Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rob Roy's Innevation Center related to Switch?

Rob Roy’s Innevation Center is the philanthropic contribution of Rob Roy, CEO and Founder of Switch, to the state of Nevada. Innevation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Switch.

Is Rob Roy's Innevation Center an incubator?

No, we are a collaborative work space that provides our members and the community with a unique and fulfilling place to work and host events. Rob Roy’s Innevation Center does not provide any direct financial support for startup companies.

What is a Meetup group? What Meetups are hosted at Rob Roy's Innevation Center?

A Meetup group is a local community of like-minded individuals that share a common interest. Rob Roy’s Innevation Center hosts around 30 Meetups each month. You can find our Meetup schedule on our blog and in our newsletter. We continue to add new groups so if you’re interested in hosting a new Meetup, email us!