Google Maps Offers “Time Travel”

By Innevation Center 6 years ago
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Recently Google announced that it will let its desktop users travel through time with help from their Google Maps street view function. Google Maps has been snapping pictures for its street view function for the last seven years and has now made the past images of streets and landmarks available for users to take a trip down memory lane.

Vinay Shet, a Google product manager who oversaw the company’s glimpse into the past, predicted that in the future, today’s pictures will be considered vintage. “We want our maps to be comprehensive as we build a digital mirror of the world.”

Over time, using this new feature on maps will allow us to see the ever-changing skylines of major metropolitan cities as well as the devastation and reconstruction of areas hit by large-scale disasters, so long as one of Google’s odd-looking camera-mounted cars can drive down those streets.

For now, Google says that their roaming cars target more densely-populated areas so there will be more to look through in large metropolitan cities, but all neighborhoods should have at least one blast from the past to give everyone their fair dose of nostalgia.

The verdict is still out on whether or not this is just some gimmick that Google has put together to drive traffic to their maps pages, which are funded by advertisements.

Do you plan on checking out the new “time travel” feature on Google Maps or is it just another gimmick to drive internet traffic?



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