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Cindy Brinker


Job Title:
Founder/CEO of Brinker+Co

What does your company do?
We are a consulting firm and provider of cloud accounting solutions for fast growing small- and mid-size companies.   Our services including accounting outsourcing and implementing Intacct’s cloud ERP financial management system and other cloud solutions to modernize how finance and accounting work today.

What is your role?
Serving in a leadership role, I get to do something of everything — from developing strategy, creating marketing campaigns, managing projects and cloud implementations, and inspiring a team as we provide day-to-day accounting and CFO consulting services.

Where did you grow up and attend school?
I grew up on a large farm in central Minnesota and moved to Alaska in my mid-20’s, probably because it wasn’t cold enough in Minnesota.  I attended college at the University of Alaska in Anchorage and graduated from the Executive MBA Program at UNLV.

What brought you to The Innevation Center?
During my global consulting days, I worked with diverse teams in large conference rooms and seldom had an office.  So, I value the concept of the 3 C’s in the workplace.  After researching several locations in Las Vegas, I felt the Innevation Center best aligned with our company’s goals and appreciated its support to our community.  Our team wanted to be surrounded by like-minded and tech-savvy individuals to collaborate and network and also have the support of an awesome staff.

How has technology changed your business?
Cloud is here and now for every business and industry- including us. Since our business is about implementing cloud technology solutions for our clients, it’s important for us to adopt cloud and be innovative.  Using Intacct’s cloud ERP and other cloud solutions for our business, we are achieving the same benefits we deliver to our clients – smarter and faster decisions, higher productivity, lower costs, and freedom to work from anywhere.

What is your favorite local spot?
It would be any local concert or music venue – indoor or outdoor.  I love live music!   And, I enjoy a bowl of hot oatmeal and cup of coffee at any Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Phone call or text message?
I prefer talking on the phone. You can say everything in a single call and it’s more personal.

Twitter or Facebook?
I use Twitter for my business and read the trending headline news.  I seldom use Facebook as I simply don’t have the time to read what everybody is doing.

Who would you most like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
There are two people on my list:  Nelson Mandela:  he showed us the power of forgiveness and how to rise above despair and conflict, and Bill Gates:  his evolution and being a master of both technology and philanthropy.  What’s next?

If you could time travel, would you go forward or backward?
My curiosity and love for adventure travel would send me forward.  That would be exciting!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice came from a miniature copy of the book, The Four Agreements that I received from a good friend.  It offers a simple code of conduct.
The most important agreements are the ones we make with ourselves:
1) Be impeccable with your word,
2) Don’t take anything personal,
3) Don’t make assumptions,
4) Always do your best.

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