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Michael Cremean

Michael Cremean

Founder and CEO
‘Quadshot Digital Solutions


Job Title?
Founder and CEO. (Also coffee getter and dog walker)

Where did you grow up and attend school?
Upstate New York and graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology.

What does your company do and what is your role?
Quadshot Digital Solutions is a consulting company that creates web solutions using open-source software. Experts in WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

My role is one of business development, project lead, architect and lead consultant. I also speak at WordCamps, WordPress and WooCommerce Meetups and conferences about Security, Scalability and Best Practices for web development.

What brought you to The Innevation Center?
I host the Las Vegas WooCommerce Meetup here. The staff, location, price, great bandwidth and entrepreneurial ‘feel’ led us to move our company home here.

How has technology changed your business?
It enabled us to exist 🙂 Also, the growth and awareness about WordPress, WooCommerce and other open-source packages by the media and public has helped us grow.

What is your favorite local spot?
Red Rock for hikes with dogs.
Remedy’s for after work unwinding.
Innevation for Meetups.

Phone call or text message?
I love both. Texting is easy, but phone for solving something.

Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook, because I have to. What’s Twitter?
I’d rather socialize in person than virtual.

Who would you most like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?
Ronnie Verrell. He was the drummer behind Animal from the Muppets, but also an incredible Drummer outside that role. In the Buddy Rich vs Animal episode of The Muppets, Buddy Rich, one of the world’s most famous drummers, said he was the one drummer he always wanted to play with. I met Frank Oz and Jim Henson when I was younger, but never got to meet Ronnie.
Guess what instrument I play?

If you could time travel, would you go forward or backward?
Forward until time travel technology was invented, so that I could go forward and backward.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.” (bonus for naming source)
“Do or do not. There is no Try.”
On a slightly serious tip, I got some great business advice from a successful entrepreneur I respect. He said the key was ‘Hire people smarter than you, empower them to be successful and get out of their way.’

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