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By Innevation Center 6 years ago
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Every Saturday from 12 to 3 pm beginning April 26 and ending May 24, Neon Initiative & the Las Vegas Urban League will host “Learn to Code,” a 5-week program to teach 8th graders to build their own personal website. From novice to pro, the course is designed to get students familiar with basic web technologies. The course covers HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, the creation of a portfolio, and an exciting demo & field trip on the final day.

Neon Initiative operates at 3 locations in Las Vegas and relies on volunteers and sponsors. It provides lunch and computers for students to use during the classes and requires 6 honest commitments:

– I will be curious

– I won’t be afraid to fail

– I am willing to help others

– I will attend all classes start to finish

– I will provide my own transportation

– I will make “it” happen!

Those interested in participating, sponsoring, or volunteering can visit Neon Initiative’s website.

This kid digs it. Do you?


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