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See your home state in a whole new way.

Take a free road trip around Nevada to explore the growing industries and innovations in your own backyard—and how you could be a part of them.

Apply by July 14th, 2019

We’re Roadtrip Nation, and we send people on road trips in our green RV to talk to their heroes, job crushes, and anyone who’s doing generally awesome stuff. We film it all and turn it into video documentaries to inspire people to pursue their interests.

This November—in partnership with Tesla, the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and Strada Education Network—we’re sending young people in Nevada on a road trip to talk to inspiring people across the state who are contributing to exciting growth and breakthroughs with their work from inside Nevada borders.

You’ll explore some of the exciting industries and companies that are contributing to Nevada’s growth, from Tesla’s Gigafactory to information technology, advanced manufacturing, urban farming, mining, aerospace, entertainment, and more. If you’re interested in seeing what kinds of jobs, apprenticeships, and other opportunities exist within these worlds, apply below!

Essential Details

  • We’re looking for individuals who are at least 18 years old and are interested in Nevada’s growing industries. Whether you’re in high school, a recent high school grad, or a postsecondary student, this trip is for you!
  • Applicants must be available to commit to 2-3 weeks of travel in November 2019. If you’re already committed to class or work during that time, don’t count yourself out! We might be able to work with your prior commitments to make this opportunity possible.
  • If chosen, you’ll travel around Nevada in a Roadtrip Nation RV exploring different career pathways and talking to professionals who’ve found fulfilling work.
  • This experience will be turned into educational videos, so you’ll be filmed and the footage may be shared across digital platforms.
  • Chosen individuals will work with Roadtrip Nation to research and book interviews with people they want to talk to.
  • All travel expenses, plus a daily stipend, are paid for by Roadtrip Nation.
  • Questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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