Rules of Conduct

All licensees, members, guests, clients, visitors, and associates (collectively, “Innevators”) shall sustain and act in accordance with these Rules of Conduct, all relevant laws, and regulations (the “Rules”) to preserve the enjoyment, professional atmosphere and collaborative use of Rob Roy’s¬†Innevation Center (the “Center”). Innevation may modify the Rules by posting updated or additional Rules to the following URL:

The Center is designed to provide a professional, safe, comfortable and sound appropriate, state-of-the-art environment for small businesses and individuals to co-work, collaborate, and innevate. Only language, images, media, music or materials conducive to the professional and collaborative atmosphere are permitted in the Center.

To maintain a production focused and professional atmosphere, all unlicensed Innevators or guests must be at least 16 years old.

Innevators will be responsible for any damage to the Center or its materials. All personal furniture or office equipment is subject to prior Innevation approval and must be consistent with the style and theme of the Center.

Controlled substance and tobacco possession or use is prohibited. Alcohol is also prohibited unless lawfully dispensed and served at events, provided event organizers and servers obtain all necessary permitting, and consumers or event organizers arrange transportation to and from an event for all consumers.

Innevators will have non-exclusive use of the Center’s designated common areas during business hours. All other areas, including conference rooms, event rooms, and related equipment are subject to scheduling and may involve additional charges.

Innevation may enter any area for emergency purposes, repair, inspection, cleaning or maintenance. Innevators will be notified verbally or electronically of such entry, as applicable.

Innevators will comply with the Center’s policies and procedures for scheduling visitors, conference rooms, events, and other Center related services. Any meeting requiring audio/visual equipment, catering, or staff support will be considered an event, and must be coordinated with the Center with at least 2weeks’ notice. Additional fees may apply.

Innevators may not install any additional cabling, IT, telecomm or other technology item(s) without the prior written consent of Innevation. With said consent, Innevation will oversee any installation and verify that said installation does not interfere with Innevation clients, or the Center’s operations.

Innevators are responsible for maintaining adequate Internet security measures while using the Center or Innevation Network. Innevation is not responsible and does not make any representation as to the stability or security of any Internet communication or action. Innevator’s usage must not cause a negative impact to another Innevator’s use, or the Innevation Network.

Innevators are responsible to remove any food, waste, or related materials from the Center every evening, and to keep their space(s), including lockers, clean. Microwaves are not permitted. Refrigerators are for day use only. Innevation reserves the right to dispose of any items left in the refrigerators or kitchen areas overnight. Garbage should be placed in the nearest designated receptacle (see attached diagram).

Theft of any kind or use of another’s property without permission is not tolerated.

To preserve the professional atmosphere of the Center, all Innevators agree that Innevation may remove, limit access to, and/or terminate the membership or license at any time of any Innevator who violates these Rules, or acts in an unethical or unprofessional manner, without liability to Innevation.

All media or press generated regarding Switch, Innevation, the Center or your relationship with the foregoing is subject to Innevation’s prior approval.

Innevators may park in authorized parking spaces only. Covered parking is reserved and unauthorized covered parking use may result in towing.

Innevators may not set up an independent wifi network using Innevation’s hardwire connection.

Innevators are provided with an access badge. If the badge is lost or damaged, Innevator will receive a new reprinted badge at no cost. Should the badge need to be replaced a second time, there will be a $50 charge incurred for the reprint.