#Switch’s Education Investment Kicks-Off Planet3 Nevada Pilot Program

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Planet3, an exploration-based learning company, announced today that it will launch its first pilot program with six school districts in Nevada, as part of its Early Adopter program. The Company has also raised additional funds for a total of $13 million to date to advance its digital learning platform.

Modeled on the Next Generation Science Standards, Planet3 is a personalized learning platform that uses the planet Earth as a laboratory for teaching Earth, Life, and Physical Science. The Company’s long-term plans include K-12 curriculum for all Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) subjects.

The Planet3 platform utilizes compelling narratives, real­ world data and visualization to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists, and technologists. Planet3’s curriculum, woven through immersive 3D experiences, illuminates new frontiers in science to empower teachers and students to construct deep understandings of the intricate connections between STEAM subjects, ourselves, and our planet.

The initial pilot is designed to tap into students’ interest in the world around them, and will focus on middle school Earth and Life Sciences. Planet3 will be targeting a minimum of 25 pilot schools in six districts in Nevada, including Clark County, the largest school district in the state. These schools have volunteered to participate in the Early Adopter pilot program and provide feedback and insights on their classroom experiences to help refine and improve the product to create an optimal user experience for both students and teachers. The Planet3 platform is scheduled to formally launch in Fall 2017.

“The partnership between Planet3 and Nevada schools offers a unique opportunity for Clark County teachers and students to be active participants in developing the next generation of STEAM curriculum,” said Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky. “It’s time to put adventure and exploration back in learning and that’s what we hope to do with Planet3. We are grateful to Switch for creating this amazing connection and opportunity for us.”

The lead investor for Planet3 is Switch, the Nevada-based developer of the renowned SUPERNAP Data Centers. The proceeds will be used to advance the Planet3 digital learning platform and further expand the Early Adopter program.

Co-founded and led by Tim Kelly, former President of the National Geographic Society and media pioneer, the Planet3 team is comprised of leaders in science, education, game design and technology.

“Planet3 is an advanced storytelling platform for STEAM – delivered by a powerful software developed specifically for schools striving to take advantage of new technology,” said Tim Kelly, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Planet3. “We are excited to co-develop Planet3 with bold educators like Pat Skorkowsky and the teachers and students of Nevada schools.”

NOTE: This is a republished version of an original press release issued by Planet3. This media release appeared on PRNewswire’s website on June 1, 2016.

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