Tech Talk Tuesday: Meet the Nod Gesture Control Ring

By Innevation Center 6 years ago
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This Tech Talk Tuesday, we’re looking at an amazing little device that’s taking us one step closer to achieving Fantasia-style wizardry.


Introducing Nod, a waterproof, gesture control ring that connects with your devices via Bluetooth, controlling everything from your Google Glass to your smartphone to a PowerPoint presentation. “Gesture control devices are a big new area of interest among hardware startups, and a Bluetooth-enabled ring that makes it possible to control connected devices with a wave of your hand is nothing new. But the Nod is different from many of the other solutions out there we’ve seen, in that it’s already in the advanced prototype phase, has serious high-profile VC backing, and in that I’ve actually seen it work as advertised with my own two eyes,” says TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington.

Check out this video and prepare to be amazed! How excited are you for this?


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