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Tech.Co – Will Schmidt @WJS1988

My friends, it’s that time of year again: our Tech.Co Holiday Gift Guide is officially ready for all of you! I’ll keep this short and sweet because we’ve got some amazing offerings this year that you need to read about ASAP. In fact, I think any sentiment I could type can just as easily be described in GIF form. Happy holidays! We hope you get some awesome stuff – let us know if it came from our holiday gift guide.


Sphero Star Wars BB-8 | Cost: $150
We’re only days away from the newest installment of Star Wars, and Disney has been in full force marketing mode. One of the newest stars in the series is a small, spherical droid called the BB-8. Sphero decided to turn turned BB-8 into an app controlled toy with some R2-D2 like features like augmented reality with holographic messages. Using an inductive charging base, it has a one-hour battery limit, 30 meter range, and is connected by Bluetooth. The BB-8 works with both iOS and Android.
Sphero Star Wars BB-8


Quadcopters | Cost: $15 – $5,000
Quadcopters are incredibly fun toys. They’re similar to drones, but have a lower cost and lack the automation of drones. Quadcopters can range in size from micro to large, and after a certain point fall under the drone category where people are even racing and building them. The entry-level ones typically have less battery power and are only for flying, and as the cost goes up so do their size, functionality, and even quality of their video camera. For advanced drones, check out DJI, and for entry-level, Amazon or your local hobby store.


The Bluetooth QWERKYWRITER wireless keyboard looks and sounds just like a real typewriter – legitimately. Every key is vintage inspired, it features an integrated tablet stand, and the body is made of aluminum metal. And every button has a function, even the ‘return’ bar works as a macro key. It’s a great gift for people who want to spice up their work space and want to focus on the fun element over functionality. Not to say the QWERKYWRITER isn’t functional – in fact, it’s got every feature a normal keyboard would and then some.


Bluesmart Suitcase | Cost: $399
Much like the Voyager Bag, the Bluesmart Suitcase was built to help alleviate the headache that comes along with having no Wi-Fi signal when traveling. However, it goes a step further and lets users charge their smartphone – or any device for that matter – up to six times per day, offers precise location tracking, a digital locking mechanism that’s TSA approved, distance alerts, a built in scale, and easy access to any devices stored inside. Everything Bluesmart does is about helping people travel better and smarter – this suitcase is like a one stop shop for everything you might need to keep going on the road.
Bluesmart Suitcase


To view the complete list, read the article HERE.

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