#TechTalkTuesday: These Startups Will Redefine Fitness in 2016

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Anna Stinson | @anna_j_stinson | Tech.co

With so much technology designed to make us live longer, fitter and more fulfilling lives, these years seem to be the best time to be alive. In previous years, we have seen the rise (and a few falls) of the various startups aimed to redefine the world of fitness and wellness, with wearables leading the crowd.

Judging by the promises the designers of the latest fitness technology are giving, it seems that 2016 will pick up where 2015 left off, providing us with more advanced sensors, versatile designs and more personalized communication with the devices. Here is the list of the five startups to watch for this year, promising to reshape the world of fitness as we know it.


With the wearable sensor technology integrated into smart socks, Sensoria revolutionizes the way people run by tracking and giving feedback on our heart rate, cadence, speed and foot strike. The virtual coach provides the cheering up and instructions to improve runner’s performances. It does not come as a surprise that this sensor technology has already made its integration into orthotic devices with Sensoria partnering up with Orthotic Holdings Inc.


Mira Fitness

Trends for 2016 show expansion of female targeted wearables and Mira Fitness is one to be watched out for with its fashionable smart bracelet, designed to make women better understand and fit, fitness and wellness into their overwhelming every day responsibilities. Besides from its apparent distinction in the market of fitness startups in the audience it targets, Mira Fitness takes a more personal approach towards its users by giving the hard data it monitors, its practical meaning and explanation, thus making the lives of women much easier, and their well-being less effortlessly acquired.



Showcased at CES this January, Levl technology has made some serious promises about revolutionizing the ways in which we monitor and measure our metabolic information. Its breath sensor technology will help us gain insight into the functioning of our bodies, therefore, helping us make more “informed decisions about health”, as Brent Hixson, executive VP and general manager at Levl, says in an interview for Mashable.



With the launching of its second iteration, Moov Now, Moov has established its reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the tracker scene. Improvements have been made in the design and features sections alike, with the reduction of its size, the addition of improved and more stable strap and the addition of features to track step and sleep.



Although not really belonging to the group of next generation wearable devices, GymSelfie is certainly another interesting fitness startup to watch for in 2016. The app will allow fitness enthusiasts to track their workout progress by creating a set of selfies and framing them in different ways. The release is planned for both iOS and Android, promising to gather a community of bodybuilders, gym junkies and fitness professionals to a niche social network.



Like the aforementioned, Moov, Fitbit comes as a no-brainer on the list, being the best selling wearable in 2015. Efforts made by the Fitbit team to distinguish from the plethora of its competitors, have resulted in their major partnerships with fashion brands, improved sensor technology for measuring levels of stress and blood pressure and more advanced smart coaching.

It remains to be seen how the listed startups will deliver in their utilization of technology aimed at making the world a healthier place. However, one thing is for sure: fitness enthusiasts and gym junkies are about to see quite a few advancements in the way they workout, track their metabolitic data and, why not, showcase their progress to their friends.


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