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UPCOMING EVENT: Microsoft Tech Talks – Harness the power of SQL Server 2017

September 20, 2018
Microsoft Tech Talks are a FREE technical community event, designed to bring IT pros and leaders in the local area together at a Microsoft or partner facility, for deep Microsoft-technology based discussions. Laura Grob and Yvonne Vanslageren, 2 seasoned and experienced SQL Premier Field Engineers, will be jointly presenting at our next Microsoft Tech Talk session. They will walk us through SQL 2017’s new features, enhancements, and tools. They are even going to talk about SQL on LINUX, installation changes, and some of the new tools that are available for aiding in migrations! Come see what these two have in store for you as they lead the discussion on How to harness the power of SQL Server 2017 in your environment. Also Included will be a demonstration of the basics of adaptive query processing, automatic tuning, availability group enhancements, resumable online index rebuilds, and smart backups.   What: Microsoft Tech Talks When: Friday, September 28 Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm Where: Rob Roy’s Innevation Center, powered by Switch For more event and registration information, click here.

September Meetups at Innevation!

September 19, 2018
   09/19: React Vegas Meetup 09/19: WordPress Meetup 09/20: Docker Meetup Group 09/20: International Game Developers’ Association  09/20: Hyperledger Las Vegas 09/25: Las Vegas Digital Marketing Meetup 09/25:  Las Vegas Hardware Startups 09/25:  Las Vegas Inventors Meetup 09/26: Government Blockchain Meetup 09/26: Las Vegas Unreal Engine 4 Meetup 09/27: dotNet Meetup Group 09/27: Las Vegas Data Science Group   Interested in having a Meetup at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center? Email us at events@innevation.com

Upcoming Event: Boss of the SOC Competition

September 7, 2018
Boss of the SOC is a cyber security competition for the Las Vegas community with the purpose of educating and spreading cyber security awareness. The Splunk user community in Las Vegas is strong across the casino, government, and education sectors. Join us for a Boss of the SOC (BOTS) competition hosted by Splunk and Las Vegas Sands. During the competition, you’ll be able to practice your security skills and compete against your peers for prizes and bragging rights. We encourage contestants to sign up in teams of up to four for the best chance to become the Boss of the SOC! The Boss of the SOC (BOTS) is a jeopardy-style capture the flag competition created by Splunk. Contestants will explore realistic event data in Splunk Enterprise, racing the clock to complete a full forensic investigation. Players will be given a series of questions of varying type and difficulty and points are awarded for both accuracy and speed.  What: Las Vegas Boss of the SOC Competition Where: Rob Roy’s Innevation Center When: September 12, 2018 Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm For more event and registration information, click here.      

September Meetups at Innevation!

September 5, 2018
   09/05: Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group  09/05: Las Vegas GO Meetup 09/06: Las Vegas Kubernetes 09/06: PHP Vegas Meetup 09/11: Las Vegas Bloggers Meetup 09/11: Las Vegas iOS Developers Meetup 09/11: Las Vegas PC User Group 09/12: Las Vegas Podcasters Meetup 09/12: Ruby Group Meetup 09/12: Las Vegas Test Automation 09/13: Las Vegas Pluralsight Study Group 09/13: Unity 3D Meetup 09/13: WooCommerce Meetup Interested in having a Meetup at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center? Email us at events@innevation.com

#VegasTech Event: The Las Vegas Summer Game Jam 2018

August 22, 2018
The Las Vegas Summer Game Jam The Las Vegas Summer Game Jam is a two-day education event and competitive “hackathon” for anybody interested in game development.The event features on-going workshops taught by professional developers as well as pizza, prizes, and plenty of opportunities to learn from and meet real game developers. Workshops taught include introductions to Unity, Unreal Engine, 3D Modeling, Animation, Game Monetization, and MORE. If you’re coming, you can start the jam early by collaborating & finding team members on CrowdForge! Event Dates & Times: August 25th & 26th Saturday 10am – 10pm | Sunday 10am – 10pm Event Location: Work In Progress 317 South 6th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101 View Map Register for free today!  

Upcoming Event – Startup Weekend Las Vegas 2018

August 20, 2018
SWLV2017 Recap Startup Weekend Las Vegas 2017 helped turn bright ideas into marketable business plans. From polishing each team’s pitch to winning over potential investors, each group was able to learn the skills of entrepreneurship hands-on with teams of other innovators. The team that took home 1st place in 2017 was SureStep, a web-based platform for court administrators and an app for users in drug treatment programs. Following them in second and third place was Developers.Vegas, and Trigger Tracker. SWLV 2018 Startup Weekend Las Vegas will be coming back to Rob Roy’s Innevation Center Friday, November 16th. The event will run through the entire weekend and wraps up on Sunday, November 18 with each team’s final pitch to an awesome team of judges comprised of local business leaders and industry experts. Attendees will learn new skills and perhaps even meet the other founding members of their future companies.  This is your chance to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test. Come with a startup idea you’ve been thinking about for a while, or join a team with an idea you believe in. Either way, you’re going to get a lot out of it. The 3 Phases of Startup Weekend Part 1: Team Formation After dinner and a little networking on Friday night, everyone gets a chance to pitch their ideas to the group. The format is open mic style and anyone with an idea is encouraged to pitch. From there, you and everyone else will vote for your favorite ideas. The ideas with the most votes become the teams that compete throughout the rest of the weekend. It’s a good idea to arrive early and start getting to know other attendees during dinner on Friday, because those are the people with whom you’ll be forming teams. Strong Startup Weekend teams have the right mix of skills, passions, and personalities. You have a limited amount of time to find your tribe, so use your time wisely. Part 2: Buildout Saturday and most of Sunday are dedicated to building out your idea. “Building” can mean a lot of things. For software products, most people aim for a prototype to demo to the judges. Your team might build a website with an informational video, a physical prototype, or something else cool that you can present on Sunday night. Workshops and mentorship are available throughout the day on Saturday to help you get things moving. You’ll get a chance on Sunday morning to finalize your prototype, and then you should spend the afternoon perfecting your presentation. Part 3: Presentations Sunday evening is the culmination of all your hard work, and also your chance to win some really awesome prizes. Your team presents to a panel of judges (and an audience of your peers) for the opportunity to win. This is the part of the weekend where you demo your prototype, show off your skills, and make an impression. This is your chance to show off all the incredible things you’ve accomplished in just a
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