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BattleBorn: The Future of the Mining Industry is in the Hands of Innovators

February 15, 2018
BattleBorn is a series of open innovation events and competitions held in Las Vegas from March 2nd – 12th. Named after the state slogan for Nevada, BattleBorn emphasizes the importance of the state to the mining industry.  The events are aimed at stimulating discussion and action to shape the future of the mining industry. The two key components that form BattleBorn are the Hackathon and Startup Exchange.  Barrick is partnering with Unearthed, Switch, Cisco, and other technology partners to run these events at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center. Boot Camp BattleBorn Boot Camp includes 3 events leading up to the BattleBorn hackathon. These events aim to to prepare participating innovators to succeed by introducing them to the challenges they’ll be asked to solve, workshops on how to succeed at a hackathon, team forming exercises, and learning about the technologies that will be made available to them by Barrick and other technology partners. If you’d like to register for a BattleBorn Boot Camp or get more information about the date and times, CLICK HERE. Hackathon The BattleBorn Hackathon is a 54 hour open innovation event featuring real data and challenges from Barrick and their partners. Developers, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and startups will select one of the challenges and come together to build prototype solutions over the course of a weekend. The top teams will be awarded developer credits, future growth opportunities, and a share of the $20,000 in cash prizes. All teams will own 100% of the IP they generate at BattleBorn. If you’d like to register for the BattleBorn Hackathon or get more information about the event, CLICK HERE. Prizes 1st Prize: $10,000 2nd Prize: $5,000 Young Innovator Award: $2,500 Barrick BattleBorn Prize: $2,500 Startup Exchange Startup Exchange brings together startups, mining & resource industry professionals and investor, focused on developing and implementing new technologies. the exhibition style format provides startups the opportunity to showcase and demo their technologies in a unique way (this isn’t your standard exhibition event at a mining conference!). In attendance will be senior technology and innovation leaders from international recourse companies. These individuals are interested in seeing some of the most innovative technologies that are out there! For more information, or to sign your team up for Startup Exchange just CLICK HERE.   Where: Rob Roy’s Innevation Center When: March 2nd-12th Visit www.battleborn.tech for more information or follow the links below! Boot Camp Registration Hackathon Registration Startup Exchange Registration    

More February Meetups Happening at Innevation!

February 14, 2018
   2/14: Las Vegas Podcasters Meetup 2/14: Ruby Group Meetup 2/14: Test Automation with Robotic Framework Meetup 2/15: Docker Meetup Group 2/15: Las Vegas Augmented Reality Meetup 2/21: React Vegas Meetup 2/21: WordPress Meetup 2/27: Las Vegas Digital Marketing Meetup 2/27: Las Vegas Hardware Startups 2/28: Cyber Security and IT Computer Group Meetup 2/28: DevOps Las Vegas Meetup 2/28: Las Vegas Unreal Engine 4 Meetup Interested in having a Meetup at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center? Email us at events@innevation.com

Check out the February Meetups at Innevation!

February 1, 2018
   2/1: Las Vegas Entrepreneur and Business Funding Meetup 2/1: PHP Vegas Meetup 2/6: Las Vegas Ansible Meetup 2/7: Las Vegas Macintosh Users Group 2/7: Las Vegas GO Meetup 2/8: Las Vegas Pluralsight Study Group 2/13: Las Vegas iOS Developers Meetup 2/14: Las Vegas Podcasters Meetup 2/14: Ruby Group Meetup 2/14: Test Automation with Robotic Framework Meetup 2/15: Docker Meetup Group 2/15: Las Vegas Augmented Reality Meetup Interested in having a Meetup at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center? Email us at events@innevation.com

Check Out Our Next Two Weeks of Meetups at Innevation!

January 18, 2018
   1/18: Las Vegas Kubernetes Meetup 1/24: Unreal Engine 4 Meetup 1/25: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Las Vegas Meetup 1/25: Cyber Security and IT Computer Group 1/25: dotNet Meetup Group 1/30: Las Vegas Digital Marketing Meetup 1/30: Las Vegas Hardware Startups 2/1: Las Vegas Entrepreneur and Business Funding Meetup 2/1: PHP Vegas Meetup Interested in having a Meetup at Rob Roy’s Innevation Center? Email us at events@innevation.com

Upcoming Event: Artificial Intelligence: Dream vs. Nightmare

January 9, 2018
Artificial Intelligence: Dream vs. Nightmare. Exploring a Future Fashioned by AI Business benefits from AI are now evident enough; however, AI’s impacts on social, economic and organizational activity, as well as individual life experience and opportunities are less clear. Technology’s impact historically has been most immediate on labor-intensive work, often intensifying existing social asymmetries. Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting the most advanced knowledge-intensive professions. AI is detecting sickness in X-rays better than doctors, predicting financial opportunities faster than Wall Street pundits, and discovering new scientific insights in “unsupervised” bio-chemical experiments. Even the software development profession is being transformed by competition from AI-generated software code. What will be the role of humans in a world where the most sophisticated thinking is possible by AI? Join the Las Vegas RSA group for a free breakfast gathering that promises an evocative and provocative glimpse into the future. Through this panel we seek to explore: How can AI serve the quest to honor and extend the best in humanity. We aim to enrich society through powerful thinking and practical action while aiming to advance the social conversation about AI’s impact on society. Speakers Jonathan Tavss FRSA (Co-founder Kaleidoko, futurist, RSA Fellow/Connector, and International speaker) Dr Rumman Chowdhury, PhD (Responsible AI Lead at Accenture working at the intersection of humanity and technology) John C. Havens (Executive Director, The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Author Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines) Eva Pascoe (Head of Retail Futures at TheRetailPractice.com, founder Cyberia Café and futurist) Rashik Parmar MBE (Technical Executive – Europe, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Past President, IBM Academy of Technology) Ian Arrowsmith (Senior Director, Game Development at Scientific Games) Christopher Mohritz (Founder at Neferology Group and author of Frictionless – Exploring the hidden role of AI in our lives) Zoe Camper FRSA (Founder Slink.net, producer of UK’s first health Chatbot and RSA Fellow/Connector) Who: The RSA – “21st Century Enlightenment.” What: Artificial Intelligence: Dream vs. Nightmare. Exploring a Future Fashioned by AI Where: Rob Roy’s Innevation Center When: Thursday, January 11, 2018 | 9am PST CLICK HERE to Register  

CES 2018: What to expect from the year’s biggest tech show

January 4, 2018
In a few days, we’ll all descend into Las Vegas for another year of the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual gathering of the latest gadgets, toys, car tech, and more. The Verge and Circuit Breaker are back to bring you all the latest from Vegas, with our teams on the ground this Friday and bringing you coverage all week long. So what can you expect to see at the show? Every year brings larger television sets with higher resolutions than ever, faster drones, a variety of self-driving vehicles, and more wearables than you can fit on your body. We’re also bringing Circuit Breaker Live to Las Vegas, streaming exclusively on Twitter every day from January 8th to 11th at 2PM PST / 5PM EST. Our colorful cast of Verge staffers will be there to give you our analyses, commentary, inside looks, and demonstrations of the coolest (and weirdest) tech from the CES floor. We’ll also query all your burning questions live if you tweet us! So do that! Now that we’ve got a little business out of the way, here’s a glimpse at what you can expect to see over the next week at CES 2018. VR WILL FADE INTO THE BACKGROUND, AND AR WILL RISE TO THE FOREFRONT Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge With three well-established commercial headsets on the market, virtual reality has started to feel like a normal corner of the tech industry and no longer like the next big thing. But with normalization and lukewarm adoption (only Sony and its PS VR headset post impressive sales figures), we’ve entered into a kind of VR malaise. Most people still haven’t even tried VR, as it still requires pricey external hardware and remains focused almost entirely on the game community. Even as Steven Spielberg’s big-budget blockbuster adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One prepares to hit the silver screen, it’s starting to look like VR will take many more years to manifest as a mainstream consumer product. In its place, augmented reality has earned a new sense of purpose with industry momentum thanks to Niantic’s Pokémon Go, Apple’s new ARKit framework, and the general rise of computer vision on smartphones that decorate our selfies with all manners of silly virtual objects. Like it was for VR, CES will be a destination for all the forward-looking ideas and far-out prototypes. For AR, that means goggles and glasses that will try to replicate the kind of futuristic tech only seen in science fiction. So while the phones in our pockets handle the low-end of AR, expect the products at CES to showcase what the high-end, experimental realm of this tech has to offer. ELECTRIC CAR CONCEPTS GALORE Photo by Anthony Dias for The Verge CES has become a prime show for dreaming about weird, new ways to get around. But instead of just the big car and concept reveals we’ve seen in past years, this year’s show looks like it will be more about the technology that is in those vehicles, as well as what powers them. Ford’s new CEO
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