What’s Happening at The Innevation Center- Food Truck Frenzy & Meetup Schedule for November

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What’s Happening at the Innevation Center?

Food Truck Frenzy with Dragon Grille

Dragon Grille specializes in Modern Asian Fusion, awarded the Best New Food Truck in 2013 by Las Vegas Weekly Magazine and Named the Best Food Truck of Las Vegas in 2015 by the Review Journal. The Dragon has become an attraction to the Las Vegas community and even for out of state foodies. Featured on A&E sister channel fyi, Dragon Grille debuted as one of the trucks for the reality show “Late Night Chef Fight” with Laila Ali and celebrity Chef Vic Vegas as the hosts. Also featured in the LA Times and the local Review Journal newspaper.
Dragon Grille will definitely take your taste buds to a whole new level!





Did you know The Innevation Center proudly hosts 15-20 Meetups every month? If you’re interested in joining any of the fantastic Meetup groups below, you can contact them directly or stop by The Innevation Center at one of their meeting times. Interested in using The Innevation Center for your next community or tech Meetup? We love having these incredible minds gathered here with us regularly and we’re always open to new additions. Please feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you!

11/18: WordPress Meetup | 6:00pm – 8:00pm
What to expect: WordPress has received a lot of attention this year because of recent security concerns. And if you’re building a new website, or wondering about the security of your own WordPress website, I sincerely wouldn’t allow scare tactics to sway your opinion of WordPress. In this session, we will go over some preventative steps you can take to decrease your risk of being hacked, as well as some free plugins that give your website a high level of defense. And finally, walk you through the recovery process if you were unfortunate enough to have been hacked.

11/18: Docker Meetup | 6:30pm – 8:00pm
We have a very strong presenter and a great topic to share with the Docker Meet-up group on November the 18th at the Innevation center, 6:30 pm. Jon Hathaway has been working with the AWS EC2 and ECS migration work.  His company is using docker and they have been building self-learning environments as well as using service discovery to create micro-services. We feel this is a very hot topic.   We are looking forward to Jon sharing his experiences in working with Docker in the AWS environment.

11/18: React Vegas Meetup Group | 6:00pm – 8:00pm
This group is for anyone that is interested in ReactJS. React on the client or server, for html, canvas or anything else. React is a fun, easy to use Javascript library built at Facebook. Join us if you’d like to learn more or if you have your own React experience to share that others can benefit from.

11/19: Functional Programming Meetup | 6:00pm
Let’s get together and discuss functional programming! Clojure, Scala, Haskell, Ruby, Javascript and more. On a bi-weekly basis, we talk about how to use functional programming principles in our everyday code to make us more productive and help us ship quality code on time. We emphasize practicality — how to use the functional design patterns we learn to make our production code more robust and easier to reason about — but occasionally we talk about stuff just because it’s cool. Programmers of all backgrounds are always welcome!

11/24: Las Vegas Video Marketing Meetup | 6:30pm
It’s the holidays and you will want to capture some awesome holiday moments on video for business and personal reasons.  We want to discuss how to do it and not be the obnoxious one with the camera at the events and in everyone’s faces (you know what I am talking about). Discussions centered around understanding and sharpening our basic camera skills to help capture the moments without being offensive, in the way or making people nervous about being on camera. Help in getting “real life” shots on video and not needing a ton of editing or setting up. As always, this is a group participation event. Bring your comments, your questions, and any real-life examples you may have!  Let’s have fun and learn something.

11/24: LV SEO Meetup | 6:00pm
This is a group for anyone interested in Digital Marketing, whether you are an expert in the field or a beginner.  The idea is to have fun, connect and be social, while coming together in a “hands-on” live-workshop atmosphere, where the group can help each other navigate the complex digital marketing landscape.  Anyone with a project can ask questions and get help from others.  If you’re looking for a cool hangout that has a bit of free training in it to boot, or if you’re an expert that wants to meet other like-minded folks, this group is for you! Topics we’ll delve into during our meetups will range the gamut from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay-Per-Click (Adwords & Yahoo/Bing), Email marketing, Affiliate programs, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, plus the Analytics behind making all of them successful. If you are working on a digital project and want to bounce some ideas off others, or if you are skilled in the techniques, and strategies of Internet Marketing and are willing to help pass on your knowledge to others, the Las Vegas SEO / Digital Marketing group is for you!

11/25: Ruby Group Meetup | 6:00pm – 8:15pm
@LVRUG is the place to learn and share information about Ruby, the Rails framework and related technologies in Las Vegas. We cover several different languages and tend to focus on web applications and ruby. Reasons people join: You’re a Ruby developer looking to network with other Ruby developers in Las Vegas. You’re not a Ruby developer, but want to learn a new language. You’re an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to code your ideas. You’re a person who wants to learn more about computer programing in general.

11/25: Web Design for Starters Meetup  | 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Plugin, Installing Child Themes, Custom Coding Etc. We will be going over the basics of web development Headers, Footers and Main page content. Mike Downing is an accomplished entrepreneur with skills in: Web Design, Email Marketing, Campaign Strategy, Digital Advertising and more. Utilizing the previously listed assets, he started the locally based company Cerebro, with his partner Felipe Gonzales. In this Meet-Up, they will be volunteering their service to help those struggling with the building of their web based business and answer any questions with regards to possible courses of action to maximize exposure. If you are new to web design and marketing, and you are unsure of where to go with your content or generally “how to”, then come join us! If you are familiar with all of this and would like to contribute to the success of other individuals who are attempting to achieve what you’ve done, you too are more than welcome!

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